The First-Stop Company  
Designed for Overwhelmed People Caring For Themselves or Others!
Don't Know Where to Go For Help?  We Are Here For You. 


For Faith Based Organizations 


Teaching financially sustainable paths to support caregivers and grow your community impact.



For Individual and Family Caregivers

Helping You Map Your Caregiving Journey, Prepare Your Grab & Go Book, Build Your Team, Find Resources. 


For Wealth Managers and Other Financial Advisors.


Guiding you to information on how your clients may be able to cut caregiving costs.   




For Businesses Who Care


We have
Insights for Leadership, Staff Training and 

Sponsorship Opportunities that will Change the world! 


For Providers

When your clients' needs surpass your scope of practice, your network options don't suffice and the client needs drain your staff, we will help! 



For Those Aging In Place Alone

Designing with you your unique trusted network so you can maintain control and confidence in your community.

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