Assisting the Elder

 Is your business struggling? It seems that everywhere we look there is more need than people to meet the need.  

The Boots & Wings Project is a Consulting, Education and Navigation company committed helping industry leaders.  The sheer numbers of aging adults, the opioid crisis and the current state of fractured social systems matters to your business.   

Do you have high turn over?  Do you have angry employees?  Are you losing money despite expensive marketing campaigns.?   We have soul-utions and opportunities for large and small businesses, for most industries and for all of your staff and maybe you, too! 

Call us for an initial Awareness Session to determine which unique path is best for you!  Change your outcomes and start growing business and a workforce that can produce positive outcomes!   Let us help you design your soul-ution and sustain your business and your community.  

Some of the best employees you have are also family caregivers!  They are dedicated, loyal, responsible and burned out!  

Most of your customers are also caregiving! How many are there?  Around 60 million precovid?

They are time starved and financially fragile.  We can help you turn that around and join a rapidly growing number of businesses  innovating to care! 

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