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McCoun is the Founder and President of the Boots & Wings Project, LLC.  The vision of  McCoun is to work with organizations ready to learn and evaluate their role as they honor, appreciate and support caregivers and the people for whom they care. Her clients may include churches, community leaders, agency social workers, police and fire departments, VFWs, civic organizations, hospitals, nursing homes and small businesses. McCoun also coaches individual caregivers and patients.

McCoun her M.DIV at Princeton Theological Seminary with additional studies at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. She completed C.P.E. Basic training at the University Hospital of Minnesota where she served on the Diabetes and Transplant unit. McCoun’s clinical chaplaincy included internship at Phelps Hospital, NY.   She holds a family certificate from the National Alliance on Mental Illness and she attends Gwynedd Meeting For Worship.  McCoun also consulted with many organizations such as foundations, authors, publishers, faith-based organizations. She offers a unique perspective, social systems awareness and analytical approach, visionary thinking, creative solutions, and ingenuity at locating resources, designing funding streams or finding cost-saving solutions. Her life’s work has allowed her to serve vulnerable populations through community organizations like the Upper Darby Community Outreach Corporation PA and Decatur Cooperative Ministry GA.   


A hands-on communicator, a storyteller and trained public speaker, her uplifting and grace-based messages are designed to inspire us “to be each other’s keeper.”    


She provides (virtual) staff retreats, leadership seminars and caregiver educational events.  She coaches, researches and resources both clinical and family caregivers.   To schedule an initial consultation, please contact 267-382-8661 or click on the button below!      

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