We Show Businesses and Their Leaders Ways To 
 Save Money, Find Time, Reduce Turnover 

& Create an Emotionally Supportive, Outreach Culture

Re-Designing the future of care and communities.  Re-engaging and Re-Inspiring care teams. 

Resourcing  families more efficiently.    We were doing this before the pandemic but now its more important than ever for businesses to understand how to identify caregivers need, manage stress and address grief in a corporate setting.   CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR CONSULT!  267 382 8661.   


For Faith Based Organizations 
Train Now, Protect your pastoral care teams, add  support to members and community. 

Prior to the pandemic, the Family Alliance of Caregivers reported that 30% of caregivers nationwide did not know who to ask for help.  We train and equip churches and train leaders in pastoral care and outreach ministry with church growth in mind. We guide members how to make a caregiver map, plan ahead and stay safe.  Already there for other clients, we do the visitation in hospitals and nursing homes for your members and provide clinical reporting back to you keeping you safe.  You can't get to all the conferences - we bring you federal, state and local knowledge to help you serve in a world where America is the New Medical Mission field.   Call our professionally trained care consultants to get started.     


For Hospitals


Hospitals are busy caring for patients.  The additional support needs of the caregiver are significant and add to the time constraints your team and staff face.  We work with your leadership team to create a culture designed to reduce anxiety, measure need and effectively redirect families to appropriate community resources and support people.  To hospitals, nursing homes and other clinical staff settings, we offer a healing arts and pastoral care benefit to clinical staff suffering with loss, death and grief issues specifically related to Covid-19.   Providing a safe confidential place for staff to review their experience will prevent turnover and burnout later.  


For Nonprofit Organizations


You and your staff work hard to care for those in need in your community.     The needs are greater than the ability to meet the need.  Let's work together to make it easier on your consumers, recipients of care, your volunteers, staff and you! We offer Hope and Help.  


Pandemic team grief support, chaplaincy and healing arts are available to your teams as they continue to serve struggling communities.    Please reach out to us to learn how to keep your team whole while working with others who are breaking.       


For Businesses Who Care

The numbers are clear!  Caregivers and businesses both lose time and money to the caregiving cause.  We provide help and to ease the concerns of the caregiver while they are working for you.   Spiritual, stress management and grief support is available for family members who have suffered trauma, loss or anxiety as a result of covid-19 experiences.   Please reach out to us.  We have some resources for your teams in these unprecedented times. 

For Home Health, Hospice, DME Providers, PT, OT, Physican Offices, Agencies 

Compassion Fatigue is a Thing!   Managing burnout? Burning Out?  We offer a conversation style, confidential group leadership workshop designed for compassionate leaders who need soul-utions to encourage staff, reduce turn-over and keep talent.  When the same strategies aren't working, call us.    


For First Responders, MSWs, LCSWs, Behavioral Health Therapists and Addiction Counselors

You work hard to save, counsel, assist and resource people and families.  Caregivers may need a little guidance and education about all the opportunities available to help their loved one stay on a healthy path after they leave your care.   Save yourself time and frustration!  Call us to assist in connecting your folks to the approproate local resources.   We do the work, you deliver the good news.  We fill in the gaps.     

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