Tia McCoun, B.A., M.Div.


McCoun, an inspirational speaker throughout her career, places high emphasis on messages of transformation and grace.   She has spoken to large audiences including National organizations such as The Choristers Guild at their annual conference in Michigan.  From leading boards, workshops with kids, Tia's ease with helping her groups see and feel the power of possibility through metaphor, parable and unique twists in how we see the familiar.  Her life’s work has allowed her to serve vulnerable populations which deepens her passion to speak to core of human need and the condition of the human spirit.   Her personal experience  which she openly shares gives authenticity to her message and connects her to her audience.  


Formerly a hospice chaplain, cancer patient advocate and business consultant studied sociology, biology, and medical ethics at Lafayette College. She received her B.A in sociology. She earned her M.DIV at Princeton Theological Seminary with additional studies at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. She completed C.P.E. Basic training at the University Hospital of Minnesota where she served on the Diabetes and Transplant unit. McCoun’s clinical chaplaincy included internship at Phelps Hospital, NY and most recently serving as clinical chaplain. 


She provides hospital staff retreats, spiritual women's events,  leadership seminars and caregiver educational events  as well as offering  religious organizations unique training to address issues of relevancy while holding on to heritage in a complex time.  She promotes spiritual friendship as a healing tool for a broken nation and she will give space for the crazy in you with her Mudpuppy Seminars. 

Natalia Volz


Natalia Volz helps people get right with their endings -- whether it's the death, loss, or illness of a partner or parent. Her expertise arose from first-hand experience when her husband died at the age of 49 after a two-year battle with pancreatic cancer, leaving her alone to raise their three children. Like so many who experience the death of a loved one, Natalia felt completely devastated, lost, alone, and unclear as to how to navigate through the pain and get to the other side, where we can begin to rebuild our lives. 

In a culture that doesn't like to talk much about death and loss, Natalia found a way to move through grief and now guides people through their own process of getting right with endings in their lives, often for an event that happened years ago. Natalia is certified by the Grief Recovery Institute, has served as a hospice bereavement coordinator, and is the author of Passing Through Grief.   


Lakshmi Suda 

Lakshmi Suda is a  chronic caregiver with a child on the spectrum.  She offers her knowledge as a parent as well as access to educational support.  She provides guidance with grace and her gentle spirit warms anyone who invites  her to their conversation.

Jeffrey Cohn, MD

I’m a retired physician (hematologist/medical oncologist) who is excited to be embarking on a new chapter of my professional life as a Life Coach.  As I reflect on my career, I recognize that there have been several constants that, for me, have been my personal North Stars. 

  • My work has always been about helping people face life’s challenges and work to achieve the outcomes that are important to them, acquiring learning and healing along the way.

  • I love being in relationship with those with whom I’m working, learning about them as people.

  • I believe in the power and necessity of looking inward for the answers to most of life’s challenges; the resources we need and the answers we seek are within us and my role is to help people discover and create these resources and use them in pursuit of the outcomes they desire.

  • Ongoing learning and personal growth are fundamentally important to me

I’m focusing my coaching efforts on the people I was drawn to when I was caring for patients as a physician:  people with cancer, and those in their family/friend support systems caring for them. 

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