• Coping While Caring 

    NOT a SUPPORT GROUP!   Small Group, Informal Q  & A format to address some of your specific needs.  Clinical caregivers are strongly encouraged to attend.   

    Thursday, September 12                                             5 pm to 7 pm

  • Avoiding Caregiving Money Traps 

    NOT a SUPPORT GROUP! NOT a SALES EVENT!  Small Group, Informal Q  & A format to address some of your needs.

    Thursday, September 26                                             2  pm to 4  pm

  • Carefair Wellness Retreat 

    Complete Wellness in Quakertown Cares About Nurses and Home Health Aides! 

    Are a Nurse?  You deserve some pampering! Blow off some steam, learn about our Salt Cave to reduce stress, check out some local wines, brews and yummy healthy treats.  Meet lots of people who want to thank you for the work that you do!  For more information please call 267 382 8661. 

    Thursday September 12               2 pm to 4 pm   

  • Caregiver Survival Training

    Six week series to prepare new caregivers for the journey ahead including how to avoid financial pitfalls, medical care system navigation dos and don'ts, family dynamics and self-preservation tips.  Cost includes materials and membership.  ASK ME how this will save your family and you money! 

    Call 267 382 8661

    Thursday September 12 to October 17   11:30 am to 1:30 pm

  • One-to One Coaching

    Coaching also available at this location on Thursdays  October 3 and October 17

    Other locations available. 

    Call 267 382 8661 

    Thursday September 19      3 openings left!    5 pm to 8 pm 

  • Gotta Move? Gotta Stay? 

    Trying to decide whether or not to age in place or relocate to a care facility.  Lets talk about it!   This IS NOT A SALES EVENT.   We help you understand your options, the hidden issues and learn about questions to ask in a relaxed setting focused on your needs.  Call us at 267 382 8661

    Thursday October 10   2 pm to 4 pm   

 There's Care for Caregivers in Quakertown!                                        18951