One to One Coaching

Need to vent?  Need a friend?  Need some ideas on getting past a tricky situation?  We are here to listen, guide, support and help. We offer individual and family care coaching plans. These are reasonable, flexible, affordable, refundable, transferable plans to help you budget and manage your needs as they arise. Contact us to find out more. Members get 10% off. 

With the help of our partners and friends we offer walk therapy, talk therapy, art therapy, music therapy, meditation, reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy and more.

Clinical Hours 

Harleysville:  Call for Appointment Availability.  Appointments on some evenings and Weekends only.
Quakertown:  Complete Wellness Center.  September 19, October 3 and October 17.   


Professional Caregiver and Getaway Retreats

Clinical Women’s Spiritual Care Retreat 
Presenters:  Natalia Volz and Tia McCoun
Mornings:  Spiritual sharing and learning
Afternoon:  Free time for healing and personal reflection
Evening:  Food and Fun amongst friends.

This event is currently closed!  We would love you to join us for the next event.  Please let us know you are interested by calling or emailing us!  We will keep you on the list for the next getaway!

Mudpuppy Celebration 
Dates: TBD

Healing gathering for caregivers who are Super stressed!  A half day event to help you reset.  We'll honor, support and care for you. 

Seeking host congregations for these events. Please call to schedule training with Tia.

Group Training for Spiritual Care Teams  

Easy Hikes for Health

Scheduling soon! Stay tuned for locations, dates and times.

Corporate and Community Hosted Events 

We tailor our training to your group, company or organization’s needs. If you are unsure what your community needs then we’ll do a quick canvas to help you identify their needs and design an event that is relevant. Please call us for more information. If you would like to invite one of our speakers, please contact us with your request. 

Thursday, September 12   2 - 4 pm   Are a Nurse?  You deserve some pampering! Blow off some steam, learn about our Salt Cave to reduce stress, check out some local wines, brews and yummy healthy treats.  Meet lots of people who want to thank you for the work that you do!  For more information please call 267 382 8661. 

Thursday, October 24 5 to7 pm  - If you are "in the field" or "on the floor" c'mon over to Complete Wellness!  While You Chill Out we'll wrap around you and give you the appreciation you deserve!  Please call 267 382 8661

Complete Wellness in Quakertown Cares
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