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New Caregiver Survival Training and Tool Kit!
Audience:  All are welcome        Format: Two Hour Sessions

Learn basics about patient support, caregiver stress relief and personal health strategies. Receive a Caregiver Tool Kit, become familiar with documents and forms to ease the path. Receive "Medical Alphabet" Training and other important words.  Learn how to evaluate and anticipate some of your loved ones needs. Learn strategies to create Family “Fun” while caregiving. Identify roles, opinions, gifts and grace. Gain valuable insights to navigate the medical systems in your community. 

Two Add-On Session for Caregivers of Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients. 

To schedule call us directly at 267-382-8661.  


Outreach and Soul-utions to Meeting Caregiving Needs!
Audience: Caregivers

Coping While Caring:  A small group format to learn how to manage the upsa nd downs of caregiving, find practical answers to problems to reduce anxiety and stress, how to prepare instead of panic!     


Avoiding the Money Traps:  Looking at ways to save and simplify financial burdens of caregiving.  As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.  Let's figure it out together. 


Gotta Move? Gotta Stay?  How to decide.  This is not a sales event.  Learn the different options for transitional support, facility types and aging in place.  Learn what questions to ask and how to prevent pitfalls.  

On preventing Compassion Fatigue! Emotional and Spiritual Care for the weary. 
Audience: Clergy, Community Leaders, Managers of clinical caregivers.

Managing burnout? Burning out? This conversation style, small group leadership workshop is designed for compassionate leaders who need soul-utions to encourage staff, reduce turn-over and keep valuable talent. We explore issues around clinical caregiver motivation or lack thereof, ethics, integrity and trust. Small group format is designed to provide confidential sharing. We do not have more than one person from a company in the session. After the initial session, the small group is encouraged to meet quarterly for one year to measure progress with implemented ideas. Confidential Spiritual Counseling is also available.        

Learn some ways to deal with that crazy family caregiver. Understanding family members need for attention and other support needs, identifying grief-rage, creating safe space, redirecting despair to hope, finding caregivers additional resources in the community.   

Clinical Caregiver Orientation to Family Dynamics PLEASE Don’t Blame the Caregiver!  
Audience:  New CNAs, Staff  and Leadership 

Hang on! We’re working on our online course for this! Call us anyway and we will help you one-on-one!  Just let us know you are interested in learning and what issues you face!    

How To Effectively Care From a Distance.  
Audience: Families or Friends anticipating long-distance care of a loved one.

New tools for clergy ready to help members in a time when a splinter costs $2800.  
Audience: Conference for Church Leaders 

Time: Day Long Retreat   

A roll-up your sleeves educational and explorational retreat for bishops, clergy, chaplains, pastoral care committees, Stephen’s ministers, deacons and community do-gooders.  Guided time of sharing about heritage and health-focused ministries. Exploring the caregiver crisis and it’s very real costs in time, talent and treasure. Learn about community resources and gaps in support. Receive caregiving tool kits. Outline a Spiritual “Plan of Care.” Host church pastor attends free.  

Are you exhausted?  Do you feel frustrated and angry?  Do you feel alone and confused? Let us walk alongside you and provide you with helpful resources, timesaving tips and ways to manage your caregiving concerns. This seminar gently guides the participants through what to expect, where to find practical support, when to know how to reach out and to whom you can reach out. Recommended for church leaders to offer members. It is an excellent course to offer families new to assisted living, skilled care, or long-term hospital stays.  

Seminar for Caregivers Feeling a Little Unhinged!
(aka PLEASE Don’t Choke the Nurse!)     

Audience: For Caregivers feeling “a little Unhinged”

America as the New Medical Mission Field 
Audience: Religious Organizations.

Are you or your members ready to expand your heath-focused service or start up a community outreach alliance? Don’t just initiate another program or add a web site page. Instead let us guide your thinking about the needs and issues, the community resources, the funding opportunities, and the soul-utions. This is a six week, step by step leadership seminar. On the slim chance you have nay-sayers in your organization, we supply some data to help you make the case for the need! 

Training for Caregivers to Be Proactive Regarding End of Life Care. 
Audience: All are Welcome  

Format: Six Two-Hour Sessions   

  • Preparing for the End Of Life: Overview about financial heads up! Funeral homes, burial options, What’s a doula? What can I expect my loved one to experience?  How do I let go and other big questions.

  • How to be supportive as I let go of my loved one gracefully.

  • Understanding hospice care. 

  • Anticipatory grief and emotional health care strategies. Post-death grief resources.  

  • Forms and More Forms! Prepare information, receive a tool kit.

  • Don’t try to feed Mom while she’s dying. How do we really know its time?

  • Individual Coaching for families and clinical caregivers.

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