Dear Business Leader,

Thank You for supporting this CAREGIVER FOCUSED support organization. 



Its our mission to help caregivers get more hands-on practical and emotional support. Our goal with our clients is to reduce costs through planning and prevention education, to connect them with local resources, to provide them with more opportunities to experience stress relief and to and design practical soul-utions to real day-to-day problems they face.


In a costly and fragmented health care environment, caregivers on your staff or client list  are at a loss where to turn.  Here’s just a glimpse of their struggles.


  • According to the National Alliance for Caregiving
    More than 75% of family caregivers incur an average of $7,000 out of pocket annually and in lost wages and Social Security benefits costs an individual over $300,000.


  • According to the National Association for Mental Illness
    1 in 5 adults in America experience a mental illness.  In American youth ages 10 – 24, suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death.  Serious mental illness costs Americans 193 billion in lost earning per year! 


  • According to the AARP Foundation
    1 in 3 adults under the age of 45 say they are lonely.  Medicare pays 6.7 billion dollars a year on socially isolated adults.  Prolonged health risk of loneliness is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.


  • The US Dept of HHS Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships reports
    11 million Americans misused opioids.  2.1 million had opioid-use disorder as a result of prescriptions,


Your employees and community need you!  By getting involved with The Boots & Wings Project you will gain new perspective, receive tools and knowledge needed to lead the way more sustainable systems of care!   Please join us on this adventure!  YOUR COMMUNITY NEEDS YOU to re-envision, re-invent and reach out.   Call to find out how to advertise or schedule your leadership conversation today!  267-382-8661.   Your future and those you serve have a new path! 




Here’s a scenario:  A CAREGIVER IS REFERRED BY A PROFESSIONAL and is vetted by The Boots and Wings Project.   The Caregiver becomes a client in your zip code.


Based on the identified needs, the Boots and Wings Project works with the client within their budget, with local nonprofits and foundations, faith-based and government groups to help caregivers access support.  We help complete applications, organize paper work, address nutrition and safety issues, transportation and mental health care, pet therapy or personal training, financial coaching and legal support.  We try to connect folks to existing services and try to wrap around other care needs in a proactive, meaningful and efficient way.  


However, sometimes there is a privacy concern. Our client is your neighbor but can’t tell you their struggle.  Sometimes there is a gap need that insurance and non profits can’t address.  Someone needs a massage and can’t afford it.  Or needs a cleaning service or dog walker and insurance doesn’t cover it.  Or is going to need their house painted to sell it, but is out of cash, or needs a tooth pulled and can’t find a ride to the dentist.   


After attempting to locate existing resources and support in the community, if our client has a gap need, some of the advertising dollars will then be dedicated to that need, identifying the company or companies that made it possible.  We make it known to the client that your company paid the bill or a portion of the bill.  Because you care,  when someone has a need, like a massage, or groceries or a couple extra hours of home health care, your company sponsored and provided that support.  Currently we are building the base for support in each community and will keep you apprised of the community support as it grows.  


Our introductory request to test this model is to ask for $75.00 per ZIP CODE in which you want.  Your company logo will be listed on our web site until December 2019.   Please make payment to  The Boots and Wings Project at the address below.    Put the zip code you want to support in the memo please.   

With your payment we would appreciate a description of how your business helps caregivers for our resource book.   What free deals do you offer? What discounts do you provide? Do you do extra for caregivers of veterans, special needs kids or those without care?       

We would hope that you and your staff or clients will look into our $10.00 annual membership program for both clinical and family support.   It would be an honor to have you join the project.   OUR GOAL is that every person is every zip code is WHOLE.  Complete Wellness!      



There are many individuals with means.  They keep asking me "What can I do?".  So here it is.  We are making an appeal is for a single direct support contribution of $75.00.    You can support any ZIP CODE you want.  Your name will be listed on our web site until we have applied your contribution to someone’s need.   Please make payment to  The Boots and Wings Project at the address below.   Put “anonymous” or “list my name” in the memo please.  If you would like to provide direct support as a memorial gift please contact The Boots and Wings Project directly to discuss how to honor your loved one. 

If you would like to write a hand written note of encouragement for a caregiver please send that with your payment.  We will attach it with the bill that we cover.  No contribution over $75 will be accepted.  We are all in this together.   However, if you have a small local or family foundation which can be  helpful, please send the application and description to us so we can guide our caregivers your way!  

We would hope that you will look into our $10.00 annual membership program for both clinical and family support.   It would be an honor to have you join the project.