Thank goodness a friend referred me to “The Boots and Wings Project! My guide has been instrumental in helping me with my Mom's paperwork and tax prep, making sense out of the mounds of files. In just one week things began to be more organized! I was able to meet with the accountant, get two years worth of taxes filed and get a refund for Mom! Thank you! I am so relieved to know I now have the help I need!” 

“It was just helpful to have someone help with decision-making as I waded through boxes and piles of paper”


“You showed up.  Even if you couldn’t “do anything” you provided presence and support when we needed you.”  

Other Testimonials

"I had the pleasure of meeting Tia while she was working with the ACTS Retirement Life Communities. I visited the community with my mother who was recently widowed. Tia's warmth and compassion immediately put us at ease. Tia is a very warm person with great communication skills. She can quickly build rapport and trust. She is authentic and demonstrated a genuine interest in helping clients find the right scenario that meets their specific needs." 

B.G., Lincoln Financial Group

(Tia)…calmly and confidently came into our lives amid great transition,…quickly assessed the situation and took charge of seeing us through many potential rough spots… (Tia has) the gift of motivation and style…” 

Victoria W. McGoey, Managing Editor, Judson Press


Tia’s passion is what she uses to be successful in everything she does.  Her mentoring of others makes her those she works with accomplish tasks above their skill levels."  

Connie Carty, Gwynedd Square Church Elder


“Thank you (Tia) for the creative energy and the time you devoted to the task of developing this development strategy for 2005 and beyond.  You have done an outstanding job with this!  This is good work and exactly the kind of proposal that I... (was seeking.)… "  

Dr. Aidsand F. Wright Riggins, III, Executive Director, National Ministries, American Baptist Churches – USA


“Tia has consistently demonstrated the ability to think outside of the box, take initiatives in the area of organizational problem solving and to effectively network and make working connections. …It was largely due to her tenacious investigative skills and determined problem solving that the NM calendar was launched…Tia has been an important player in an improved spirit of cooperation between the ABFoundation  and NM…She has done an excellent job in recognizing the importance of ABC wide cooperation while intelligently representing the interests of NM in the area of the big data pile initiatives…Tia’s participation in the efforts…to select an effective donor development software product has proved to be of great value to the NM organization…” 

Marilyn Turner, National Ministries,  American Baptist Churches- USA


Tia is a highly motivated, creative, intelligent person….She is a keen problem solver, is not overwhelmed by tasks that seem insurmountable….she knows how to run a business efficiently and develop its potential.”

Rev. David Shaheen, Fisherman’s Net Thrift Store,  Christ Lutheran Church


"Tia thinks strategically.  She is goal oriented, and makes judgment calls that lead toward those goals.”

Carol Albright, Co-Director John Templeton Foundation, Science and Religion Course Program


Tia is an excellent organizer.  She knows what needs to be done and takes appropriate steps to reach her goals…Tia is a good manager.  She is able to delegate and able to get staff to work with her.  Her reports are concise and to the point and clear.”

Rev Jack Traugott, Emanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church


"(Tia) follows through on promises made and suggestions given…Tia gets along well with staff, has good organizational skills, initiative in starting new things, good leadership skills and she cares for people.”

Laura Reynolds, Major Bowes Retreat Center


I always felt comfortable …in the knowledge that Tia would accomplish the task efficiently and accurately.  I appreciate Tia’s ability to move between different roles and respect or take on appropriate authority for each role.” 

Jackie Jenkins, Executive Director, Decatur Cooperative Ministry


“It would be hard to find anyone who has more gifts for ministry than Tia does.  Tia is a natural when it comes to understanding people and sticking with them through their pain and suffering… I found myself surprised that she was able to keep up with so many…relationships…” 

Ken Seiss, University of Minnesota Hospital


Tia is honest, trustworthy and kind….Tia provides leadership to help others find more of themselves.”

Deborah Keller, Nature Conservancy


“We could not have assembled such and incredibly superb audience without (Tia’s) expert assistance… (Her) ingenuity at finding information for all aspects of the project…was an invaluable asset.  Had it not been for budgetary constraints we would love to use more of (her) background and skills for other components of this very challenging (international) symposium.” 

Pamela Bond, Ellipsis Enterprises, Inc